…..and I said to myself its a wonderful world!

Life’s real pleasures are those that come from simple things in life….like a nice cup of tea in the rains, a song that just rings the childhood memories, running behind your dog over a paper thats so important to you and yes…that sinful chocolate dessert!

Past few days/weeks have been a little unsettling. But guess what its the uncertainty and the restlessness that keeps some people like me going. It helps me to stay hungry and stay foolish. Keeps the curiosity and keeps me on the edge. It stops one from being complacent and keeps you ready….

Why dont you guys settle down? When are you coming back? These are common Q’s people ask me and P.

Whats settling? What others find unsettling and bohemian…I find it evolving and improving! Home is where the heart is and not a place. I like being in the state of change. I used to be much more (if I may use the word) “Perkier” but now it seems I’ve chilled out a bit.However, what I wouldnt want to lose is the fire, the passion and the hunger. That is what keeps me going.

So all you guys..what keeps you hungry? Is it success? Is it happiness? and on that note…what is success and what is happiness?


About amieatms

I'm a working mom for 2 furry kids of mine- Romeo and Leaia.Everything that I enjoy (cooking, reading, travelling) relates to these two babies and their antics. If I bake a cake then I look out for recipes that they can eat as well...you get the drift! My life revolves around the two men and one girl in my life for now: My husband and My Romeo and Leaia...not necessarily in that order! Theres' some ME time also in between while I'm trying to lose those last extra 5 KGs or read my favourite book.
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