Is qualification a baggage?

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We had a very healthy discussion on whether qualification and lineage is a baggage or a necessity?

How much do we generalise in our daily lives? A good sales person would be a great marketer as well? Or A good finance guy would be a fantastic analyst too? and so on?

At some point we have to put the stereotyping behind. Why do we assume an MBA will be a good marketer or a Mathematics Hons will love excel sheet (yours truly :)) and so on.

Is it so difficult to get everyone on the same plane and then evaluate and judge? So as a manager we always want to take measured chances. I mean get a guy who has most of the traditional criteria: Degree, experience, domain and so on… one would want to give a chance to someone who is an outsider. Who wants to take a bet on an outsider?

So this friend says there is no way but to apply an 80/20 rule. So 80% of the hiring happens with generalization in mind. So as per him all license executives make good account managers and so on. Ofcourse I vehemently opposed the idea and it couldn’t be further away from the truth but then I was the only one doing so!

How many of you have faced generalization? Have you opposed it or have you gone with the flow? All you guys who hire people in your team….what do you think? Should the outsiders be given a chance or should we take the tried and tested way?


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