What I have Ill protect it with everything, what I dont…Im not asking for it!

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Leaia came into our house on August 28th and she now has stayed more in the hospital than with us.

We took a decision to spay her and because of Romeo kept her in the hospital for about a week. Last few days has been proof of the fact that God really pays attention to me and throws challenges at me in every possible way to understand if we’ll be able to handle it or not.

It started with Romeos’ serious cough…followed by friends mugging and then Leaia got unwell. Initially, she showed little symptoms of slugness, a cough here and there and a vomit…then last two days she became very weak and stopped eating. We had to force feed her to make sure at least something went inside her….today morning her head started bobbing and both P and I panicked….

It was time for that dreaded hospital visit again…as she went in the car, she knew where she is going and then started throwing tantrums so as to not go inside the car…but then!

The docs there have again admitted her and now she is on IV drips. We are awaiting the blood tests while we know that her platelet counts are low…all of us are praying to all the Gods we know to ensure a speedy recovery….

As I was talking to P on the seriousness of the situation…I started crying. Blaming myself for not being a good mother and so on….I realised that you don’t have to give birth to a child to understand what happens when something which never existed in your life before has now become a part of you. It’s exruciatingly painful to imagine that you would ever lose that!

So with Leaia in the hospital hanging by a thread….I’ve made promises, swore on things that I’ll never do and so on…all in the hope that my girl will get back hale and hearty….till then Romeo who probably has the purest of heart is sitting in front of me and asking me about his friend who has again gone missing!

You make deals with God to get things…should I say Beg God? Give me this then ill do that or not do that and so on….but why dont we treasure what we already have and appreciate it?

I promised myself…it doesnt matter what we dont have…but what we have, Ill protect it with everything and will not let anything touch it. Leaia is mine and she is my girl! She will fight it out and survive…after all she might be a Daddys Girl but she has her Mum’s spirit!


About amieatms

I'm a working mom for 2 furry kids of mine- Romeo and Leaia.Everything that I enjoy (cooking, reading, travelling) relates to these two babies and their antics. If I bake a cake then I look out for recipes that they can eat as well...you get the drift! My life revolves around the two men and one girl in my life for now: My husband and My Romeo and Leaia...not necessarily in that order! Theres' some ME time also in between while I'm trying to lose those last extra 5 KGs or read my favourite book.
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2 Responses to What I have Ill protect it with everything, what I dont…Im not asking for it!

  1. Daddy says:

    We are praying that Leaia will be alright …

  2. Lakshmi says:

    Hope she gets better soon! Hugs and positive thoughts to you all!

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