Leaia…The Light of my Eyes!

My girl is back home with all her shenanigans :-))

She came back home yesterday. I went to the hospital to fetch her while P had already reached and was waiting for me with her. Initially, she didn’t recognize me and hid behind P. Then she realised its none other than her mum and started yelping for me…forgot all her pain and just lunged for me! Now do you wonder why I love my babies?

She gets back and you could see twinkle in Romeos’ eyes. And as the proverbial saying goes…they live happily ever after!

Leaia came back and with her bought some good news. No not THAT good news…but the fact that the MS Stock price increased and we made some money….need I say more Leaia is my Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth!).

Oh and Romeo has also tested positive for E Canis but luckily is asymptomatic. So we’ll monitor him and looks like my boy is fighting it on his own and doesn’t need any intervention. But then, his mum is watching like a hawk and will ensure that every possible indication of E Canis is out of his body at any cost!

From now on…both of them are on a strict diet plan, lots of good energy and a heartful of TLC!



About amieatms

I'm a working mom for 2 furry kids of mine- Romeo and Leaia.Everything that I enjoy (cooking, reading, travelling) relates to these two babies and their antics. If I bake a cake then I look out for recipes that they can eat as well...you get the drift! My life revolves around the two men and one girl in my life for now: My husband and My Romeo and Leaia...not necessarily in that order! Theres' some ME time also in between while I'm trying to lose those last extra 5 KGs or read my favourite book.
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