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I Will so I Can!

As Im nearing the end of the 2nd of Trimester, Im getting more anxious, nervous and a little edgy on: – How are we going to manage it all on our own? – With another baby (Read Windows 8) getting … Continue reading

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Enjoying by Just Being…..!

Life goes on, moves on, carries on….we continue to do our stuff, own t stuff, sometimes others’ and sometimes no ones…but then when do we pause, reflect, and just enjoy Being? When I look at my two babies: Romeo and … Continue reading

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I can achieve anything I want but do I need everything?

As time is slipping by and my excitement getting mixed with nervousness, trepidation and anxiety; I’m wondering did I achieve what I set out for when I was born or did I completely miss the goal post? Is the goal … Continue reading

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