The happiness and the guilt……

Its going to be 6 months since we have Aaleiya in our lives and everyday is a blessing from the Gods or Powers to be. She lights up every moment of our lives.

What bothers me is that past few months the time I spend with my other two babies (Romeo and Leaia) has become so limited that I cringe when Romeo puts his face on my leg looking sadly into my eyes and asking where did my Mom go? Or when Leaia comes dancing with her toy in her mouth when I’m trying to get Aaleiya to sleep; trying to tell me that playing with her will be an infinitesimal fun :(

So how do I manage? The walks and run with my 4 legged babies are far and few. Even when Im back from work Aaleiya is taking almost 100% of my time. Hubby is trying his best to give time to them amidst his equally busy schedule. But I know my boy longs for me and my girl is trying so hard to have the girlie sessions with me….

Now I also think to be fair, that they aren’t that demanding. SO may be its my own guilt or am i expecting too much out of myself. There are times I really want to just be with them, playing, goofing, running and generally spending time with them. They I know will be happy just with that. But then the other part says, Aaleiya is growing so fast, whatever time I have left from the busy schedule I should spend with her so that I don’t miss her growing up….

Que Sera Sera….lets see how it goes.

I hope Aaleiya grows up and understands the love that these two babies give us each and everyday of our lives. I hope she understands that its only a dog that loves you more than he/she loves self. I hope she knows that it is a pre-requisite for her to be able to love and show compassion for other animals and beings who are not as fortunate as her. I hope she recognizes that feeling love and helping others makes sense for life if not money. I hope she turns out to be a good human being first before a succesful one at that!


About amieatms

I'm a working mom for 2 furry kids of mine- Romeo and Leaia.Everything that I enjoy (cooking, reading, travelling) relates to these two babies and their antics. If I bake a cake then I look out for recipes that they can eat as get the drift! My life revolves around the two men and one girl in my life for now: My husband and My Romeo and Leaia...not necessarily in that order! Theres' some ME time also in between while I'm trying to lose those last extra 5 KGs or read my favourite book.
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