Talking about the dolls and the toys…..!

Ive been crying watching the videos of how a 5 yr old girl was violated. I cant even get myself to write what was done to her, you all can read/watch on the wen. I can just pray that the girl pulls thru. Its Deja Vu all over again….!

I have a girl who will soon turn 1 and my heart shudders to think that someone can do such horrific things to a baby.

What stops us to create laws that punish these kind of perverts with the same token. Laws that will get implemented. Laws that are so severe and implemented that people will think twice before doing such heineous acts.

What about the society? Where are the neighbours, schools, police, parents and so on. After the Nirbhaya case, what was done? Did the society take any action? Preventive or otherwise? Did we educate our children? Did we create anything that would prevent this to the best? It all seemed that after Nirbhaya’s case, we all thought that after the protests, coverage et al, it will become OK. We must be dreaming that everything will be OK. Utopian dream I must say!

Our people including politicians did not stop, think and act after the Nirbhaya incident. Protests and coverage happened but nothing after that. Law came in force but implementation did not. One of the accused allegedly commit suicide but others are still there and not punished. Why does it take so long? Why cant we make an example of those who are caught?

My biggest concern is right now, how do I protect my girl? Should I tell her the world isnt a safe place and dont trust anyone? Should I tell her that you cannot be alone anywhere? The fact that she is a girl means she has to watch anyone and everyone who comes near her with skepticism and mis-trust? The toys she will play with will probably have to come from her parents? If someone wants to play with her she has to check with her parents first…what about the innocence of a child? What about the curiosity thats so centric to being a child? What about the smile and laugh and the giggle?

As I write this, she just wakes up next to me and gives me a big smile….probably trying to tell me…Mum, dont worry so much. There is life and there is hope. There is hope that this baby will come out fine. There is a will that we all will make sure every baby stays just fine…

Yes my girl we live in this world… with hope, will and prayers! Amen!


About amieatms

I'm a working mom for 2 furry kids of mine- Romeo and Leaia.Everything that I enjoy (cooking, reading, travelling) relates to these two babies and their antics. If I bake a cake then I look out for recipes that they can eat as get the drift! My life revolves around the two men and one girl in my life for now: My husband and My Romeo and Leaia...not necessarily in that order! Theres' some ME time also in between while I'm trying to lose those last extra 5 KGs or read my favourite book.
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