A Piku here and a Mou there!

Piku2MouI recently saw the Indian movie Piku. The reason d’etre for checking it out were the following:

  1. Amitabh Bachchan
  2. Great reviews
  3. Most important of all, a Bengali mileu

I wasn’t disappointed on any of the above account. Possible Big B could have been less desperate but then who is complaining when its Big B!

A good story is one, when you start fretting at the interval that only few more hours are left for the movie. This is what happened with me when I saw the movie. The characters were engrossing, intimate, you enjoyed their journey more than probably they did (after all they were carrying a mobile toilet seat with them).

The entire movie felt like my life and my relationship with my grandpa aka Nanu. He is one of the most cantankerous men Ive come across. Always with a foul (OK most of the time) mouth, has an opinion on everyone, expects a lot from everyone and in return gives also a lot. Everyone including their dogs are scared of him, now Im not sure if they are scared of him or his anger or they simply they respect his age. Whatever, be their reasons, Nanu in any marriage  or occasion would be called with lot of trepidations thinking its a matter of time he will break all hell onto others. My grandma was the calming force but no one dared to stop him. Till…I grew up. Then something happened. I was one of the very few people he would listen to, understand and continue to expect the most and give the most to.

He ruled the family with an iron fist when he was young and continues to do so today at 90+ (he claims he is 98). He has threatened to die couple of times, called doctors at odd hours, clicked family portraits, got himself admitted and so on.

Theres a scene in the movie where Big B is measuring temperature by the hours. Nanu does even better. He measure temperature, BP and motion (or the lack of it) by the hours. And god forbid, if things don’t go as planned or deviate, then the best doctor has to be called at a moments notice. Else the loop of photographs, writing a will and so on starts.

Cut to the movie. Big B is fabulous in his avatar as an old, cantankerous Bengali man. He has done the Bengali accent a tad too much. The mannerisms could have been better and appropriate. Deepika on the other hand has aced it gracefully. He slight CR Park Bengali twang while speaking hindi is delightful. Irrfan doesn’t have any characterization per se but he has played the part effortlessly. Jishhu Sengupta is a great support but his character could have been etched better. No one kinda bothered about him and though he was giving Deepika what she “needed” but the audience wanted her romance with Irrfan to flourish. Weird eh? Me rooting for the under dog I guess :)

All other relatives including the Maashi were reflective of a typical Bengali family and no I wont draw any parallels with them…Ill have to write a Mahabharat then. Lets stick to Nanu and I for this one.

The dialogues are the hero of the movie. The scene where a totally disgusted Khan tells Big B: Aapko koi nahin samajhta (No one understands you) is a such a universal line that every palm reader can say as the opening line. Here comes my husband, Mr. P who actually introduced me to this wonderful, all time favourite line to draw a hmmmm from the audience.

The conversations on the dining table are typical of any normal family dysfunctional or otherwise. Asking the girls of the family of their sex lives could be an overkill though.

It is a fact though that most of the Bengali either suffer from too much or motion or the complete lack of it. Isabgol and Enterquinol are two meds that you will find in almost every Bengali home (together with Boroline, Benadryl, Amrutanjan and Crocin).

I love the portion where Big B is the biggest feminist of all. The dialogue on Sexually and Financially independent in my mind was a stretch (for a father to say about his daughter), however, the fact that he wants the women of the family to be independent and not spend their lives for others. Nanu is weird when comes to this. When it came to my grandma, mom and other women in the house, he was a typical patriarch and the women of the house should stay within the boundaries but for some reasons best known to him, he made me independent from the word go. At an age of 13-15 I was made to travel alone in the Indian trains, do the bills, no less than coming top of the class, cooking, singing, running…name it. While my other cousins, enjoyed a protected life with their parents, he egged me on to be on my own. Its helped me to be where Im today. I do miss not being chaperoned around. Sexual independence of any kind is a very bad word for my Nanu. In one of the instances, I had a guy coming over to my house to discuss a project, the entire time he sat with us watching us over. So one can imagine….

The movie, ended a bit abruptly for me. Somewhere, I felt something missing. You wanted the movie to continue. Hoping theres some future to Deepika and Khan or Jisshu to get over his constipation but alas.

Go watch the movie for the dialogues, beautiful nuances, maach bhaja and homeopathy medicine box.

I will ensure my daughter gets a taste of a medicine called Nanu dadu as she calls him. His next venture is to turn my daughter into a much better version of me. Im not sure if he will succeed. He is 90+, he has a will and I trust him to do what he wants. Im not sure if my lil one has the gumption and the attitude to take it all in and enjoy the roller coaster of a ride.

This is not so much a review of Piku but an ode to my Nanu for making me the person Iam and damn it man it doesn’t matter you hate him and waiting for him to give up on life…the man doesn’t give up on life or his wheelchair or his toilet seat!





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2 Responses to A Piku here and a Mou there!

  1. Mamu says:

    I agreed with ur story but one thing I would like to say that u gyes couldn’t handle ur Nanu properly. He Is now about 96 yrs but living alone. Pl don’t mind Mau. It is my view.

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